Read: 71 downloadable essays, captured in 5 books, recently published by ids and UKTV in response to the changes taking place in the television industry.

Discuss: Join media and advertising practitioners, advertisers, producers, regulators, academics and television 'celebrities' discuss the impact of change across the TV landscape.

Learning: A 360 view of the industry: The implications for the television and communications industry from a commercial trading of television perspective to programme production.

The New Medium of Television

New Language for the New Medium of Television

The Next Big Thing

TV in 2014

Shooting Stars
At ids we believe there is a better way for people to use TV commercially. We are currently working with a number of partners across the industry exploring how we can create new commercial and creative models for the New Medium of TV.

We hope that will become a tool to facilitate this ambition. We would like to engage with a wider audience beyond those we currently have a dialogue with, about what needs to change and are looking for more partners to share/test our ideas with.
Therefore, we hope that this site will motivate you to engage with us in some way.

So whether you would be interested in sharing your views with us, hearing more about what we have to say, or simply wish to use our site as a resource to contribute to your knowledge about the issues and developments taking place in our industry at this point in time - it would be great to know what you think:

Please keep checking our site as our customers, content producers and contributors will be adding new content on a regular basis.
Beverly Clarke Assoc. Director of Innovation, Strategy, Communications

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